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Commercial Projects

Is your current business premises no longer fit for purpose and in need of refurbishment, extension or even relocation? Or are you at the exciting but very daunting stage of looking for your first location? We love a commercial property project at Property Partners and have years of experience helping clients and developers resolve these issues.

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Residential Projects

Whether you are looking at renovating or extending your current home, building your dream home, refurbishing your investment properties or looking to convert a non-residential building in to a new home, we have the team that can take you through the complete process.

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Project Management

Done well, project and cost management of construction projects should pay for itself, rather than be seen as an extra cost on your project. Providing you with clear lines of communication, control of design specifications, budgets, timescales, contracts, quality control and Construction Design & Management (CDM) regulation compliance.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of buildings is something that has moved on from simply being a compliance requirement to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for a building to a key focus for building users, including the sustainability of the efficiency measures. Property Partners can help you with the compliance, design choices and implementation of the energy efficiency measures. Whether that is part of a wider project or the main focus of the project.

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