Investing with Property Partners

Whether you are looking to actively invest in property directly or simply looking for a healthy passive investment income, we can support you with both opportunities.

Property Partners actively invest in spaces and support fellow investors in both residential and commercial property.

If you are looking at developing your portfolio of residential properties, our Portfolio builder service could be for you. That can be deemed as an active investment approach. However,  with the portfolio service we can take care of a lot of this for you and in turn make it a relatively passive investment opportunity.

We also work with private investors who are simply looking for a good return on their capital, without the requirement to be actively involved in a specific project or ownership of spaces.

Property Partners have directly utilised private investment to deliver our very first business hub in Banff, Lyon’s Den, where everyone has benefited, from the investor receiving a healthy return on their investment, through to the individual customers who now call Lyon’s Den their business home.

Through our experience, track record and in house services, we can create an investment opportunity that meets your requirements, often from spaces that others simply see as a problem and not an opportunity.

Why invest with Property Partners?

  • As a provider of spaces, we take responsibility to act in a fair and trustworthy way to maximise the sustainable and profitable return on your investment.
  • Good communication is key – our investors receive regular periodic updates on their investment and the progress of the project.
  • We work with you to develop a clear understanding of your investment criteria, ensuring both parties are clear on all potential outcomes, from shorter to longer-term opportunities.
  • We offer an attractive return on investments while maintaining sustainable levels of equity and borrowing.
  • We manage the timeline, costs and specification of the investment project, keeping you fully informed, including identifying any necessary changes.
  • Although we have developed legal investment agreements, we always strongly recommend that you as an investor take independent legal advice and guidance.
  • We are committed to delivering long term sustainable and profitable spaces that are an asset to the local community.

What are you looking for from your investment?